Callezione Goldenwall 2020 – Brave

Pushing the imagination of wallpaper

The great news of the Goldenwall 2020 wallpaper collection is the possibility to print every graphic design on both Gold Leaf and Pink Gold materials and extends the same possibility to all the decorations of the previous two collections.

A journey through enchanted gardens, metallic shapes and reminiscences of ancient artistic techniques, where the stylistic language goes from Art Deco, Art Nouveau style, woodcut to brocades, wax print and contemporary illustration.


Gold leaf: width 47 cm
Gold vinyl: width 68 cm




Gold Vinyl / Gold Leaf

A vinyl paper enriched with a golden color. Ideal for adding value to exclusive and luxury spaces. To maximize the result and to enhance the metal effect color, Inkiostro Bianco will select and suggest the appropriate designs.


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