Taps, Faucets & Accessories

Bringing Italian design culture beyond the ordinary bathroom since 1985.

Based in Val Trompia, one of the most active industrial centres in Italy since the beginning of the nineteenth century, tradition is not only the geographical one, but also the familiar one, transmitted from generation to generation.

IB was born in 1985 from the passion and high competence of Elio Bregoli, president of the company. Built together with his wife Antonella, IB is enriched by their children’s new ideas, enthusiasm and love for the profession. Andrea and Davide have recognised the value of tradition and heritage and brought IB to the international stage.

IB products are the outcome of the most advanced technological innovations, with a particular care for details and a technical and aesthetic quality.

The most innovative element is, without any doubt, the raw material processing method. The processed brass alloy is free of lead and zinc, and therefore hypoallergenic and purified by the main pollutants. Another revolutionary element is the desire to internalise the whole production chain:

IB is involved in the manufacturing and the production of every single component, from the raw material to the most particular finishes.