Di Piú


Murano glass is a material of recognized excellence and the essence of all our projects.
Rigorously Made in Italy, our creations are hand-manufactured and hand decorated.

Each object made of Murano glass is unique because of the artisan making of raw material which presents irregularities in the mass and surface. Waves, bubbles and imperfections are the great virtue of this extraordinary and incomparable material. Furthermore, producing on demand we can guarantee to the customer complete freedom to choose unlimited combinations of shades, finishes, decorations and personalized graphics to get unique and unrepeatable pieces.

At the origin of each creation there is the hand-rolled glass slab created by Murano artisans and not simply the vitreous glaze. Each slab is approximately 160×62 cm and from it we can obtain all alternate formats (from 120×60 cm to 1.5 x 1.5 cm ). With the wastes we obtain wires, grit and hand-cut shapes of various thickness used for decorations. The cutting table helps us in the slab pre-incision after single pieces are hand removed with the claw.

Our drawings are rigorously original and handmade. We use mainly pure platinum 999.9 and 24 carat gold, in leaf, liquid or in paste.

Precious and of unique beauty, Murano glass reveals itself to you naked, in its magnificently radical elegance. It’s the light that plays with material making it vibrate with intense nuances. Chromatic choices are oriented towards basic colours: black, white, grey, ivory, cream and silk. Decors are also minimal, and always tone on tone with movements of volume and fascinating alternations from shiny to satin surfaces An extremely modern and innovative design.