Inkiostro Bianco

Pushing the imagination of wallpaper

Eclectic, modern, and stylish home wallpapers made in Italy.

Completely unique in design, Inkiostro Bianco’s wallpaper techniques combine geometric graphic design with a special vinyl wallpaper called ED Dekor. The wallpaper is a glass fiber that can cover bathrooms, kitchens, and floorings – meaning entire rooms can be dressed head-to-toe in wonderfully bespoke patterns.

Eclectic graphic designs printed on vinyl wallpaper, EQ•Dekor, and Canvas, the stretched fabric suitable for temporary set-ups. The world of pictorial art and digital graphic converge towards original creations with a strong personality. The Inkiostro Bianco collections result in emotional canvases that transform the surfaces and spaces into avant-garde pieces of furniture.

A true custom design process that utilizes incredible innovation to deliver luxury Italian design.